• Thu, February 28, 2019 3:22 PM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Treibball Hot Spots

    Since Video Titling began in late 2016 we have had 61 titles awarded in all areas of the country. NATE celebrates below our passionate trainers and how hard they have worked to grow Treibball in their areas.

    In Indianapolis, Indiana at the Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Facility, Chris Roeder has shepherded her teams to 15 NATE titles. 

    In Asheville, North Carolina at the A Good Dog’s Life facility, Carolyn Bigley and her teams have achieved a total of 11 titles.

    In Helotes, Texas at The Pet Palms Pet Resort, Irma Bice has instructed teams who have been awarded 10 titles.

    In Santa Cruz County, California at the Living With Dogs field, Sandi Pensinger has trained up teams who have been awarded a total of 10 titles.

  • Thu, February 14, 2019 10:39 AM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Angie and her dog Cali from Australia. on earning their Novice Title! Cali is our first Finnish Lapphund and they are our first team to title from the Southern Hemisphere. Cali has great ball control for a Novice dog. They are having a world of fun together! It is also a great example of a pop-up field and you will love the call 123 go in “Australian.”

  • Tue, February 05, 2019 8:44 AM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Congratulations 2018 Title winners! There were 17 Titling Teams and a total of 26 Titles Earned! New states that joined this year were NC and VA! 
    We are looking forward to continuing to grow the sport of Treibball and our NATE family in 2019.

  • Mon, December 17, 2018 1:10 PM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    We have an amazing accomplishment to celebrate….Sandy White and her dog Splash have been awarded their Novice title. Now Splash is really something special. She is completely deaf but she is so smart and accommodated herself so well, that it took until she was 6 months old for Sandy and her trainers to realize that she couldn’t hear. So watch this video and be amazed!  Congratulations to them on their outstanding achievement!

  • Sun, November 11, 2018 11:02 AM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Hooray for Kathryne and Marcie, her 12 year old mixed breed. Marcie is the first dog to achieve a Veteran Novice Title with NATE! Having retired from agility some time ago, both of them are excited to have found Treibball and the opportunity to train together again as a team. 

  • Wed, October 10, 2018 7:43 PM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Are you struggling to find a field where you can film your video title runs? NATE is introducing pop-up fields. Pop-up fields can be set up in a larger training field, an open space or at a school or park. The field will not be required to have solid fences on four sides. Your dog must just stay within the boundary lines for the run to qualify. Find more info here

  • Mon, September 17, 2018 12:04 PM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Our Video Titling Program is popular and growing! This month we awarded our 50th title! Congratulations to all the teams on their achievements. Great work!

  • Sun, September 09, 2018 7:46 PM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    This hard working team just completed the 10 additional runs necessary to achieve the Outstanding Title at the Masters level! Wow!

  • Sun, August 26, 2018 10:46 AM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Monica Pielage receives the first Outstanding Title at the Novice Level. She reports that working towards an Outstanding Title in Novice while also working on her Advanced Title allowed her and Jojo to reinforce the game and practice being successful.

  • Sat, December 23, 2017 9:19 AM | Monica Pielage (Administrator)

    Congratulations to Jean Wright and her dog Callie. The are the first NATE team to achieve a Masters Level Title!

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