Skills Certification Program 

The NATE Skills Certification program is a great way to achieve training goals, test your team’s readiness, and get recognition as you prepare for competition or video titling.

This program was revised as of 10/15/19. To view a Summary of the Changes, click here.

This program is available to registered members of NATE.  To join us, apply today! Your dog does not need to be registered to achieve Skills Certificates.

There are three skills categories:





There are three progressively difficult levels in each category. You can apply for a certificate at any level. You do not need to start at Level 1.
How to Receive a Skills Certification
  1. Member and their dog successfully perform a skill which is reviewed by a NATE Skills Evaluator.
  2. Member submits for certificate here and pays a $10 fee per certificate.
  3. The Evaluator notifies NATE of which skills tests were passed using this form.
  4. Member receives a printable certificate via email and the accomplishment is shared on the members NATE Facebook page.

How to Find a Skills Evaluator 

  1. Ask your NATE trainer to become a Skills Evaluator
  2. If you are training independently, members can request a list of Skills Evaluators willing to do video review of skills by emailing 
  3. If having your skill reviewed by video, members send their video directly to the Evaluator for review. The Evaluator may or may not charge a fee.

How to Become a Skills Evaluator
  1. Be a NATE Trainer or have an Advanced title in the Standard game through NATE or equivalent.
  2. Apply here.

Skills Level One

Skills Level Two

Skills Level Three

Contact NATE     PO Box 2306, Aptos, CA 95003     

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