Skills Level Three

Set up Rules

  • Balls, baskets, cones, boxes, etc. are appropriate objects for Send and Directional tests.
  • Mats are not allowed in any test.
  • Treats and toys are allowed at the end of each skill test and when the dog returns to the handler before reversing direction in the Directional Cues skill test.  
  • A 25’ by 5’ handler area is required and all rules regarding handler area in the handbook apply.
  • No goal is required.
  • All rules regarding appropriate size and treatment of balls in the handbook apply.

Send Test – Object 30 feet from handler; maximum time 35 seconds

  1. The dog is sent from handler’s side to the opposite side of an object.
  2. The dog pauses behind the object.

Push Test - Ball 35 feet from handler, maximum time 20 seconds

  1. The test begins with the dog in a sit, stand or down position on the opposite side of the ball from the handler. The test does not include a send or directional cue.
  2. Elapsed time begins at the handler’s cue for the dog to push.  
  3. Time ends when the ball has completely entered the handler area.

Directional Cues Test - Three objects in a line 20 feet from handler and 10 feet apart; maximum time 60 seconds per direction

  1. The dog is sent from handler’s side to the opposite side of one of the end objects. The dog pauses behind the object.
  2. The dog is sent from behind the first object to behind the middle object and then pauses.
  3. The dog is sent back to behind the original object and then pauses. The dog never is sent to the third object.
  4. The dog is recalled to the handler.
  5. The test is to be completed twice; once in each direction.

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