About NATE

NATE's Vision

NATE promotes Treibball as a fun, safe and challenging sport for all dogs and handlers endorsing dog-friendly training techniques that support the best qualities of the human/canine relationship. 

NATE's Mission

The mission of the National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts is to promote worldwide participation in the sport of Treibball by:

  • Establishing and promoting an organization that educates the public about training and competition for the sport of Treibball
  • Establishing competition rules and game standards that are inclusive of all dogs of any breed, size or age; and are suitable to both indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Providing distinct levels of competition to encourage beginners and challenge experienced teams
  • Endorsing and encouraging force-free, creative training techniques that support participation by dogs and handlers at every skill level.

Board of Directors & Committees  (Click here to see who we are!)

NATE's Board of Directors are a diverse group of individuals from many different locations within the US.  Our Committees (as of August 2016) are Member Services, Competition Standards, Competition Services, and Marketing.

Contact Us

Contact NATE    info@nationaltreibball.com     PO Box 2306, Aptos, CA 95003     

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