Official NATE Rules & Regulations

The current edition of NATE Official Rules & Regulations is dated Summer 2014. The rule book is scheduled to be updated again in January 2016.  Highlights are made available below.  

NATE Rules Handbook & Addendums

Performance Guidelines 

Dog/Ball Height Classes

Pre Novice  Our Pre-Novice Title is an opportunity for teams to demonstrate and receive recognition for their mastery of the foundation skills of treibball.  This is the only Level at which food or toy or play rewards are allowed on the competition field.

Novice  A team must successfully complete three games at this Level, which uses three balls, in order to win the Novice title.

Successive levels of the game under NATE require increasing numbers of balls and a larger playing field; seconds-allowed-per-ball is decreased, under the assumption that both dog and handler have increased their skills.




Veteran Dogs and Disabled Handlers

NATE will eventually offer specialized games in addition to traditional treibball. 

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