Video Titling Video Upload Tips

Setting up for Video Titling Success!

How to Upload a Video

A. Create your YouTube or Vimeo account

Here's a link to a video on how to set up a YouTube Account.

B. Upload your Video to YouTube. 

Here is a link to video on how to upload your video to YouTube. 

Set up the video viewing status so it can be viewed by NATE officials. Your video status must be "Unlisted" or "Public". The reviewers and judges will not be able to see a video that has a "Private" status. 

When you are ready to submit your video, use the Video Titling Submission Form.

How to Title Your Video

Proper naming of your uploaded video will help NATE to identify it. you can include the date, class, size, dog's name, your name and run # in your video title. See the example videos below.

Combine 3 runs onto one video

Follow instructions in the handbook to combine videos. Here is a sample.

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