Judges Guidelines

Judges are recognized as the foundation of the sport and must demonstrate solid knowledge of NATE rules and guidelines as demonstrated through experience and examination.


To become an Approved NATE Judge applicants must submit a Judge’s Application to NATE.

Qualified individuals must meet the following requirements before being placed on the Approved Judges List:

  •  Be a current member in good standing of the organization.
  • Have earned a NATE title on at least one dog, through video submissions or sanctioned trials, for each level of judging eligibility.
  • Pass NATE’s written knowledge test for judges

Qualified individuals must also have at least 1 of the following additional experiences:

  • Judge a Treibball Sanctioned Match using NATE rules with written evaluations submitted to NATE by host and a video submission of judging.
  • Instruct Treibball classes for 1 year or longer with students performing at equivalent level to be approved or higher.
  • Have current Judge credentials from another canine sport venue. Example: AKC, UKC, CPE WCRL/USDAA, CDSP, or other.

Provisional Status

Once approved, the Judge will be assigned Provisional Status until they have successfully judged three Sanctioned Trials or 10 video titling submissions for each level of eligibility.  The Judge will then be approved as a Sanctioned Judge for that Level and their name will be added to the List of Approved NATE Judges.

All provisional judge applicants must be approved at the Pre-Novice/Novice level before applying for provisional status at the Intermediate/Advanced level. Likewise, provisional judge applicants must be approved for the Intermediate/Advanced level before applying for a provisional status at the Expert level.


As a Representative of NATE, Judges are expected to uphold an image of integrity and professionalism both on and off the trial field, avoiding situations that might raise ethical questions.  In addition, a Judge is expected to maintain the spirit of NATE as a fun sport for all participants.

Judges Shall:

  • Recognize their role as a judge is a privilege not a right.
  • Fulfill all responsibilities regarding judging assignments.
  • Comply with all NATE rules, policies, and guidelines.
  • Not become an activist in disputes, make public criticisms or otherwise engage in behavior that may be generally viewed by the NATE board as inappropriate conduct that may create a conflict of interest as a representative of NATE.
  • Not solicit or promote their personal business or activities, including classes or equipment during a judging assignment.

Students of the officiating judge may show under him/her, provided he/she did not personally train the dog. Family members and/or household members may not show under the officiating judge.

It is understood that the judge cannot control who enters a trial, however, everything possible must be done to ensure the integrity of the trial. Any questionable entries may be subject to forfeit, and not refunded to the participant. Exception: last minute judging changes will not constitute forfeit of entry fees; entries may be refunded.

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